Cat Silhouette Clothing A Purrfect Addition to Your Wardrobe this Season

We couldn’t resist! A bit of feline fashion today!

Cat silhouette clothing is a popular print this season due to its sophisticated, elegant look that is fun-loving and playful at the same time. Whether this Cameo Whit Fancy Fest print comes in a scarf, wallet, dress or tunic it will sure add a touch of class to any ensemble.

Lily Pulitzer always has such great prints and this is no exception!

So, Check out Lily Pulitzer’s site for black cat fashion! This print is a must-add to your wardrobe this season!

Black Cat Trivia:  Black cats were maligned because of their alleged association with evil and witchcraft. However, in many cultures black cats are considered a sign of prosperity and good fortune.

Photo: Larry Johnson
Who can resist this face?

This black cat Breed is a Bombay. GC, BW, NW Caricature’s Colin Powell, CFA’s 2004 Cat of the Year



Feline Agility=Feline Fun!

What is feline agility?  Feline agility competition is one of CFA’s most popular programs.  Cats are trainable and can learn how to run through an agility ring and weave through poles, jump through hoops and over bars and  run through tunnels.

Take a look at Galinda, a Blue Point Himalayan as she works her “magic” on the agility course!

Take a look at which shows offer CFA Agility Competition!

Grooming Quality Time for Your Cat

Cats shed some at all times of the year but each season as the days get longer with added hours of daylight, your cat will shed more of his coat. Daily brushing and combing during this time of the year are especially important for two main reasons:
• To help your cat eliminate loose hair so he will swallow less and help prevent hair ball problems.
• To leave less hair around the house.

Even the busiest of cat owners can take a few minutes at the beginning of each day to comb or brush. Once you get into the habit it will only take 5 to 10 minutes per day and you and your cat will look forward to the quality time together. Finding a comfortable spot and position for your cat will make his grooming routine quick and easy.

Grooming also allows you the opportunity to inspect the coat and skin to discover any injuries, abscesses or fleas. As a kitten, you can teach your cat to enjoy his grooming time with you by alternating grooming with petting and playing in a safe, quiet area.

There are a variety of grooming tools out there. As a cat owner, you must find the best and most effective tool for each cat in your household depending upon your cat’s coat thickness, length and texture.

Many groomers recommend a stainless steel comb, one with wide to fine teeth to go through the fur. A stainless steel comb allows you to pull any loose fur out and the comb’s combination of wide and fine teeth helps remove mats, dead hair and tangles. In addition to a stainless steel comb, a bristle brush made from human hair is excellent for long coated cats. It is best to try several grooming tools to see which one you like best and works the best for your cat’s health and beauty regiment.