Wigs for Cat are Right in Fashion

We have a new craze! Designer Leah Workman has come up with the newest craze: pet wigs!

Yes, now you can have the feline or canine version of Lady Gaga-reported to be very popular, Katy Perry or Marilyn Monroe!

Photo Crushzilla BNPS

What do you think?  For every day? Holiday? Halloween? Now your favorite feline can be decked out in style!

Keep Your Cat Cool and Comfortable This Summer!

Have a hard time keeping kitty cool? Below are some tips for keeping your cat in the shade this summer.

Photo Alyssa Blankenship

#1 Never under any circumstances leave your cat alone in a hot car. Cars can quickly heat up and your cat can suffer from heat stroke. Heat stroke can be fatal. Signs to watch for include heavy, loud breathing, a staggering gait, and a bright red tongue or gum tissue.

#2 If heat stroke is suspected, bring your cat to a cool place, put cold compresses on its belly, or wet it down. Do not waste time as this is a medical emergency, take your cat to your veterinarian as quickly as possible.

#3 Use a hot water bottle filled with ice for your cat to lay on. You can also have a mini fan nearby as well.

#4 Make sure window screens are secure. Cats do not necessarily land on their feet and severe injuries can occur.