Cat Con LA Releases Schedule



CatConLA will debut on June 6 and 7, 2015 at The Reef in Downtown Los Angeles, CA.  The event will debut with seminars, meet and greets and special appearances with some of the biggest names in the cat world, including Simon Tofield, creator of “Simon’s Cat,” and Lil BUB.

Over 100 exhibitors will be in attendance to showcase their cat-centric wares, all of which will be for sale to the public.  The convention is also giving away free cat inspired manicures.

The event will also have adoptions as part of the program, spearheaded by Best Friends LA and housed in a specially themed adoption area courtesy of Rachael Ray Nutrish called “Rachael Ray Nutrish Furever Home.”

Attendees will be afforded the opportunity to meet some of their favorite cats, celebrities, cat enthusiasts and kitty commentators.  Meet & Greets will be held at the following times:

Saturday, June 6th:
11:00-2:00    Lil Bub, Mike Bridavsky
11:30-1:30    Simon Tofeld Book Signing
1:45-2:45     Diane Lovejoy Book Signing
1:00-2:00    Mayim Bialik, in the PetSmart Charities Lounge
1:00-3:00    Lisa Erspamer ‘A Letter to My Cat’ Book Signing
2:30-2:45    ‘Cat Man Review’ with Will Braden & Scott Stulen

Sunday, June 7th:
10:30-12:00   Lil Bub, Mike Bridavsky
11:00-1:00    Pudge and Cats of Instagram
12:30-1:45    Will Braden Book Signing
1:15-3:15    Big Jack: America’s Newest Internet Cat
2:00-3:30   Francesco Marciuliano & Angie Bailey Book Signing
3:30-4:30    Rob Reger Book Signing

The event boasts some of the biggest names in pop culture, entertainment and felines; the seminars – which will be live streamed by Animal Planet – is as follows:

Saturday, June 6th:
10:15      Cats, Cartoons and Life

(Simon Tofield, Creator of “Simon’s Cat)
11:45       PetSmart Charities Presents: Goodbye Dowdy, Hello Gorgeous: Debunking the Cat Lady Myth
(Diane Lovejoy, author of “Cat Lady Chic” and Ashley Tschudin, creator of Choupette’s Diary) and hosted by “The Big Bang Theory’s” Mayim Bialik
1:15         Cat Guys of Animal Planet
(Shaun Sears and Tom Otto, stars of Animal Planet’s “Treetop Rescue”)
2:30         Photographing Cats–It Looks Easy, But It’s Not.
(Joann Biondi, creator of Lorenzo the Cat)
3:30         You Can Be a Cat Guy and Still Be Cool.
(Keith Bowers, Senior Editor, Catster)
4:40        My Cat’s a Celebrity…and How I’ve Dealt With That.
(Scott Stulen, Cat Vid Fest creator, Mike Bridavsky and Lil BUB,
Kady Lone and Pudge, & Will Braden, creator of Henri Le Chat Noir)

Sunday, June 7th:
10:00     How Cats Have Changed the Internet & My Favorite Memes.
(Ben Huh, CEO of Cheezburger, creator of the cat meme)
11:15     Cat Vid Fest Favorites
(Will Braden, creator of Henri, Le Chat Noir;
Scott Stulen, creator of the Internet Cat Video Festival)
12:45     Humor…with Cats.
(Francesco Marciuliano, author of “I Could Pee on This and Other Poems by Cats;
Angie Bailey, author of “Texts from Mittens”)
2:00     How Cats Have Shaped My Life As An Artist: A Short History.
(Rob Reger, creator of Emily the Strange and the
Bad Kitten Club)
4:00     Lil BUB’s Big Show Live at CatConLA
(Lil BUB, Mike Bridavsky and “30 Rock’s” Jack McBrayer)

$1 of every ticket sale for CatConLA will benefit FixNation, a non-profit organization committed to cats and supporting Trap-Neuter-Return. In addition, 50% of the proceeds from Lil BUB’s Big Meet and Greet and the Pudge/Cats of Instagram Meet and Greet go to FixNation.

CatConLA sponsors include: Rachael Ray Nutrish for Cats, Animal Planet, PetSmart Charities, The Ace Hotel, Modern Cat, Purpose Cat Litter, Scrap Cat, and Zoomer Kitty.

How to Spot an Allergy in Your Cat

The following outdoor allergens can cause allergic reactions to cats who are sensitive:

  • Tree, grass, weed, mold, mildew and dust pollens


Photo credit: <a href=””>gem66</a> / <a href=””>Foter</a> / <a href=””>CC BY-NC-SA</a>

Watch for or the following symptoms in your cat, especially this time of year as flowers are blooming and the grass is growing.

1.  Itchy skin and scratching

2.  Itchy, watery eyes

3.  Vomiting and Diarrhea


Photo credit: <a href=””>axollot</a> / <a href=””>Foter</a> / <a href=””>CC BY</a>

Visit your veterinarian as soon as you notice symptoms.  Your vet will take a complete history,  conduct a physical examination where veterinarian may determine the source of your cat’s allergic reaction. If an examination is not sufficient, your vet will most probably recommend skin or blood tests and/or a special elimination diet, to find out what’s causing the allergic reaction.

Finding the Perfect Cat Toy

Teaser toys, mice filled with catnip, bizzy balls (you know, those plastic balls with a jingle bell that your cat finds to play with at 4am), catnip logs, lasers, electronic toys and more! There are a variety of toys that you can choose for your cat:

1.  Interactive Toys-help to engage and mentally stimulate your cat’s “play instinct.”  Such toys include puzzle type of toys, lasers and even some “catch the mouse” or ” catch the string” type of toys.    Photo: Radio Systems Brilliant-Pet_Pounce_Hero


2.  Catnip is a member of the mint family and contains an oil called nepetalactone that can neurologically stimulate your cat and give him an emotional high, sudden burst of energy or make him feel relaxed.  Not every cat responds to catnip as 50 percent of all cats appear to be immune.

3. Cat Trees/Scratchers are excellent for keeping your cat in tip top shape and it feels good to the cats to sharpen their claws on the post.


Photo Radio Systems

4. Balls, Mice and Other Misc. Toys These toys resemble prey and stimulate your cat’s predatory instincts. After your cat has hunted for her toys, she may decide to bring you the prize.  Don’t forget to tell her she has done a great job!

The right cat toy not only fosters your cat’s hunting instincts, they help you and your cat bond for life!