OAKLAND, Calif. (October 19, 2015) – The makers of Fresh Step® litter continue their mission to help improve the lives of shelter cats and help more shelter cats find forever homes with the return of its Million Meow Mission. Entering its second year, Fresh Step has already donated millions of dollars to animal welfare causes and more than one million scoops of litter to shelters nationwide.


Giving Love By the Scoopful

This year, Fresh Step continues its commitment to shelter cats with an additional donation of one million scoops of litter to shelters nationwide while offering enhanced opportunities for its Paw Points loyalty members to get involved. Members can:

  • Enter their Paw Points Code to show support for shelter cats and receive a Million Meow Mission badge to share on social media
  • Donate Paw Points to support shelters and receive a $2-off Fresh Step coupon, while supplies last, and a Million Meow Mission badge to share on social media
  • Share their Adoption Story with the community


In turn, participating shelters can redeem Paw Points for free Fresh Step litter, as well as other cat necessities, care items and toys. Shelter and rescue organizations can register at to begin receiving donations. Through its site, Fresh Step will provide shelters and rescues with materials to encourage their cat community to participate in the donation program.

“At Fresh Step, we understand the immense amount of love and joy our cuddly cats bring us.  They reward us in millions of ways which is why we are committed to giving back through our Million Meow Mission program,” said Nick Meyer, Fresh Step Director of Marketing, Litter.

Every Person Can Make a Paws-itive Impact on a Cat’s Life

When a cat is terminally ill, end-of-life care or hospice is a peaceful way for a cat to spend his final days. Fostering at that stage is called “fospice care”. Watch the incredible story of Bosley, a strong cat who overcame the odds and spent a wonderful year with a caring family. The Million Meow Mission strives to help all cats experience a loving home. Whether through caregiving, volunteering or donation, every act of kindness to a cat in need is a gift.

For more information on the Million Meow Mission and to get involved, visit


Turn Your Cat’s Tale Into Movie Magic

In honor of Fresh Step’s Million Meow Mission, the 4th Annual Fresh Step Catdance Film Festival* shines the spotlight on shelter cats. Fresh Step encourages filmmakers to make shelter cats the star of the show by giving these “unknown” actors their big break in the next Catdance classic.

The Catdance Film Festival is now accepting submissions of original short films (up to four minutes) starring shelter cats from now until December 14, 2015. The best original short film will be awarded a $25,000 ‘kitty’ and a trip for two to the Catdance Film Festival in Park City, Utah and the coveted Golden Litter Scoop.

“We know there’s a story inside every cat and can’t wait to see how those stories come to life for the silver screen,” said Meyer. “Whether showing a sweet adoption story or highlighting funny, quirky or stealth cat moments, Fresh Step will honor the best of the best at the feline fête in Park City.”

To learn more about the Fresh Step Catdance Film Festival’s complete rules and to enter a film visit



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Origami Owl Celebrates National Cat Day on October 29th

In honor of National Cat Day on Thursday, October 29th, Origami Owl is providing five fun things you can do with your feline friend that are entertaining and purr-fect for every kind of cat lover!


Photo: Origami Owl

  • Show Your Love with an Origami Owl Living Locket custom-inscribed for your cat. Whether you want to wear your cat’s name or birthday around your neck, or like a cheeky display of affection like this punctuated Inscriptions Locket, Origami Owl has unique and fun charms that can create a kitty-themed piece easily.  You can even create a one of a kind blinged-out collar!
  • Compete for a Year’s Worth of Kitty Litter by submitting a photo of your cat loving you to the National Cat Day’s “Most Cuddly Cat” Photo Contest! Get your furry friend ready for their close-up soon, because the contest only runs through October 29th (National Cat Day).
  • Go Fishing with Your Feline – Virtually: Download free games like Cat-Fishing 2 or Friskies Jitterbug and play with your kitty! Even older cats who aren’t as active will love the minimal screen tapping on these games. And bonus—it keeps kitty occupied for hours.
  • Create Custom Feline Treats: Get fluffy in on the baking game with some homemade cat treats. Even kick it up a notch with this personalized cat treat cookie cutter made with their name on it.
  • No Cat? You Can Still Celebrate!  Stop by one of the 24 currently open and upcoming cat cafes where you can drink coffee, eat, read or just hang out with furry friends. At most of these locations, the cats are up for adoption, so you can celebrate National Cat Day by doing the best thing, finding a home for the many homeless felines out there.

Photo: Origami Owl

cat day image

WINN Foundation Announces Fundraiser for Cat Health

Dr. Glenn Olah, President of Winn Feline Foundation, is combining his love of cats with his love of bicycling to build funding for feline research. Winn’s new fundraising club, Winn Riders for Feline Health, will be inaugurated with a 316 mile bike ride on October 29th and 30th.


Glenn’s kick-off ride will begin in Taos, NM and after traversing two mountain ranges and multiple steep ascents and descents, will end in Denver, CO at the Rocky Mountain Cat Club (RoMo) “Spooktacular” cat show held at the Crown Plaza International Airport Hotel. Skylar Clifton, manager of the Rocky Mountain Cat Club, anticipates almost 200 entries and approximately 1000 visitors daily to the event. Dr. Olah will also give a presentation at the show October 31, 12 p.m. CT, about feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), a lethal disease primarily affecting young cats.

An avid cyclist, Dr. Olah commutes to work 20 miles a day via bike and rides about 200 miles per week. The idea for this campaign came to life when he decided to combine his two passions; namely cats and bikes. Multiple events will be organized in the next few months and Winn Riders for Feline Health is now inviting new cyclists and cat lovers to join. Members can order a Winn-designed bike kit, jersey, or sport shirt by downloading the Winn Riders’ flyer and contacting during the time window from October 20th to November 9th. Take advantage of the opportunity to show your support for feline health research and the Winn Feline Foundation as you participate in local cycling events.

Dr. Olah said, “With this biking campaign, I hope we can raise more funds to tackle some of the most pressing diseases in cats like feline infectious peritonitis, chronic kidney disease, and various cancers.  I’m quite excited to take on this challenge and will do everything I can to make it succeed in raising awareness of Winn and the need for funding high-quality feline health research”.

“If anybody wants to join me in all or part of some of the upcoming biking events, then I would love to have the company on the road. My wife and I have turned one of our cars into a Winn Riders support vehicle, so I won’t be completely alone,” he chuckled.

Donations to help fund feline health studies and to support Winn Riders for Feline Health can be made at

Whether you are a bicycle enthusiast or a feline health advocate, or like Glenn – both, you can follow Dr. Olah’s progress during the ride at or starting one week before the event.

Cat May Have Saved Owner’s Life

A San Francisco man was hanging from a San Francisco building during a stand-off with police has his cat to thank for saving his life.  The owner of the cat was most likely in a car that he stole which is probably why he took off running on foot.


Photo: California Highway Patrol

Television station, KRON-TV news reported that the driver jumped a fence and into a two-story building where he remained for a few hours perched shirtless, barefoot and threatening to jump.

A crowd gathered as police attempted to talk the man down with no luck. Finally, a family member brought the owner’s red tabby cat to the scene and he came off the ledge and was taken into custody without incident.


iPet Companion Partners with Shelters to Help Owners Find Forever Friends

This is a great idea thanks to a website called iPet Companion, you can even use the Internet to play with felines in real time.

iPet companion

Participants start by selecting the nearest humane society location from the list of shelters that have partnered with iPet. They can then watch the shelter’s live cat room feed and remotely control toys in the area with their keyboard. The feed also gives viewers the option to zoom in, adjust the camera angle, and take a snapshot of their new feline friend in action. At present, there are only 13 shelters participating, but an iPet Companion can be provided free of charge to any shelter that wants one.


To ensure every visitor gets a chance to play, sessions are limited to two minutes at a time. If that time limit feels too short, you can always head down to the shelter in person and adopt a cat for unlimited real-life playtime. Try it out for yourself at iPet Companion’s website.


Englewood, CO — When Kathy Elsey was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, the second most common blood cancer, she and her husband Dr. Bruce Elsey, co-founders of Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat, knew they had a unique position to combine corporate success with a bigger mission – enabling pets and their owners to participate in the fight against cancer. Through the Cats Against Cancer Campaign nearly $8 million dollars has been raised to help the MMRF drive advancements in cancer research and find a cure.


The interactive Cats Against Cancer campaign, will run through February of 2016 and spans across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram enabling users to share their individual experiences and support the campaign’s mission. As part of the campaign, users can download a coupon from the campaign landing page that allows them to save $3 on their next purchase of a 40 pound bag of Precious Cat Ultra Litter. For every $3 saved, Precious Cat will donate $3 to the MMRF.

“The Elsey Family and the Cats Against Cancer campaign have been a total game changer. Since our partnership with the Elsey’s and Precious Cat in 2009, nearly 16 million dollars have been raised through their direct support and our matching year-end gift campaign,” says Walter Capone, CEO of the MMRF and chief believer in finding a cure .

Last year, the Cats Against Cancer campaign reached over two million people and received thousands of unique visitors over the span of five months. “This year we are excited to watch the campaign close in on the $8 million dollar mark. We chose to partner with the MMRF because they have a proven track record of results and one primary goal – finding a cure,” says Dr. Bruce Elsey of Precious Cat.

Make a difference now. Join the Cats Against Cancer movement and help find a cure by visiting .

About Precious Cat Products

Dr. Bruce Elsey has been a practicing veterinarian for over 30 years and his practice cares for over 8,000 cats. Nonuse of the litter box is the number one behavioral reason cats are abused, abandoned, and placed in shelters. Dr. Elsey’s goal is to provide products that help cats live happier, healthier lives, and provide litter box solutions for the life of your cat. For more information, please visit our website, and follow news about our company on Facebook.