WINN Foundation Announces Fundraiser for Cat Health

Dr. Glenn Olah, President of Winn Feline Foundation, is combining his love of cats with his love of bicycling to build funding for feline research. Winn’s new fundraising club, Winn Riders for Feline Health, will be inaugurated with a 316 mile bike ride on October 29th and 30th.


Glenn’s kick-off ride will begin in Taos, NM and after traversing two mountain ranges and multiple steep ascents and descents, will end in Denver, CO at the Rocky Mountain Cat Club (RoMo) “Spooktacular” cat show held at the Crown Plaza International Airport Hotel. Skylar Clifton, manager of the Rocky Mountain Cat Club, anticipates almost 200 entries and approximately 1000 visitors daily to the event. Dr. Olah will also give a presentation at the show October 31, 12 p.m. CT, about feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), a lethal disease primarily affecting young cats.

An avid cyclist, Dr. Olah commutes to work 20 miles a day via bike and rides about 200 miles per week. The idea for this campaign came to life when he decided to combine his two passions; namely cats and bikes. Multiple events will be organized in the next few months and Winn Riders for Feline Health is now inviting new cyclists and cat lovers to join. Members can order a Winn-designed bike kit, jersey, or sport shirt by downloading the Winn Riders’ flyer and contacting during the time window from October 20th to November 9th. Take advantage of the opportunity to show your support for feline health research and the Winn Feline Foundation as you participate in local cycling events.

Dr. Olah said, “With this biking campaign, I hope we can raise more funds to tackle some of the most pressing diseases in cats like feline infectious peritonitis, chronic kidney disease, and various cancers.  I’m quite excited to take on this challenge and will do everything I can to make it succeed in raising awareness of Winn and the need for funding high-quality feline health research”.

“If anybody wants to join me in all or part of some of the upcoming biking events, then I would love to have the company on the road. My wife and I have turned one of our cars into a Winn Riders support vehicle, so I won’t be completely alone,” he chuckled.

Donations to help fund feline health studies and to support Winn Riders for Feline Health can be made at

Whether you are a bicycle enthusiast or a feline health advocate, or like Glenn – both, you can follow Dr. Olah’s progress during the ride at or starting one week before the event.

Cat May Have Saved Owner’s Life

A San Francisco man was hanging from a San Francisco building during a stand-off with police has his cat to thank for saving his life.  The owner of the cat was most likely in a car that he stole which is probably why he took off running on foot.


Photo: California Highway Patrol

Television station, KRON-TV news reported that the driver jumped a fence and into a two-story building where he remained for a few hours perched shirtless, barefoot and threatening to jump.

A crowd gathered as police attempted to talk the man down with no luck. Finally, a family member brought the owner’s red tabby cat to the scene and he came off the ledge and was taken into custody without incident.


iPet Companion Partners with Shelters to Help Owners Find Forever Friends

This is a great idea thanks to a website called iPet Companion, you can even use the Internet to play with felines in real time.

iPet companion

Participants start by selecting the nearest humane society location from the list of shelters that have partnered with iPet. They can then watch the shelter’s live cat room feed and remotely control toys in the area with their keyboard. The feed also gives viewers the option to zoom in, adjust the camera angle, and take a snapshot of their new feline friend in action. At present, there are only 13 shelters participating, but an iPet Companion can be provided free of charge to any shelter that wants one.


To ensure every visitor gets a chance to play, sessions are limited to two minutes at a time. If that time limit feels too short, you can always head down to the shelter in person and adopt a cat for unlimited real-life playtime. Try it out for yourself at iPet Companion’s website.


Englewood, CO — When Kathy Elsey was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, the second most common blood cancer, she and her husband Dr. Bruce Elsey, co-founders of Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat, knew they had a unique position to combine corporate success with a bigger mission – enabling pets and their owners to participate in the fight against cancer. Through the Cats Against Cancer Campaign nearly $8 million dollars has been raised to help the MMRF drive advancements in cancer research and find a cure.


The interactive Cats Against Cancer campaign, will run through February of 2016 and spans across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram enabling users to share their individual experiences and support the campaign’s mission. As part of the campaign, users can download a coupon from the campaign landing page that allows them to save $3 on their next purchase of a 40 pound bag of Precious Cat Ultra Litter. For every $3 saved, Precious Cat will donate $3 to the MMRF.

“The Elsey Family and the Cats Against Cancer campaign have been a total game changer. Since our partnership with the Elsey’s and Precious Cat in 2009, nearly 16 million dollars have been raised through their direct support and our matching year-end gift campaign,” says Walter Capone, CEO of the MMRF and chief believer in finding a cure .

Last year, the Cats Against Cancer campaign reached over two million people and received thousands of unique visitors over the span of five months. “This year we are excited to watch the campaign close in on the $8 million dollar mark. We chose to partner with the MMRF because they have a proven track record of results and one primary goal – finding a cure,” says Dr. Bruce Elsey of Precious Cat.

Make a difference now. Join the Cats Against Cancer movement and help find a cure by visiting .

About Precious Cat Products

Dr. Bruce Elsey has been a practicing veterinarian for over 30 years and his practice cares for over 8,000 cats. Nonuse of the litter box is the number one behavioral reason cats are abused, abandoned, and placed in shelters. Dr. Elsey’s goal is to provide products that help cats live happier, healthier lives, and provide litter box solutions for the life of your cat. For more information, please visit our website, and follow news about our company on Facebook.


Precious Cat, Inc. Launches Dr. Elsey’s Health Monitor™ Everyday Litter


Be sure to try Precious Cat, Inc. Health Monitor™ Everyday LitterHealth Monitor™ Litter is a consistent particle sized (calibrated) scoopable litter that will help you monitor kidney function, diabetes and hyperthyroidism in your cat.

health montior litter 2

With Health Monitor™ Everyday Litter you can check your cat’s urine in a calm home environment.  Increased weight of urine balls can be a sign of kidney compromise, diabetes and hyperthyroidism.  There is a chart provided on the Health Monitor™ box for you to compare the weight of your cat’s urine balls.  You can also download the Health Monitor™ App. to monitor your cat’s urine balls.  If the weight of the urine balls is at or above the levels on the chart, your cat is urinating too much regardless of diet.  Weigh your cat’s urine balls every three months.   If the weight of the urine balls increases and the cat’s diet is the same, see your veterinarian.  Enclosed in the Health Monitor™ box is a free digital luggage/cat scale since it is also important to monitor your cat’s weight every three months.  If your cat has weight loss, see your veterinarian.

A poor diet may result in a number of health issues including compromised kidney function and diabetes.  Once you determine that your cat has increased urination you can make positive changes to your cat’s diet to improve its health and longevity in some cases adding years to your cat’s life.

You can find Dr. Elsey’s Health Monitor™ Litter at PetSmart and other independent retailers.  For more information call 877-311-2287 or visit their website at


Can Cats Drink Milk?


We were asked a question this past week as to whether or not it is a good idea for a grown cat to drink milk.

So, we went to the experts at Vet Street.  “Cats do not gain anything nutritionally from milk that is not present in a well-balanced commercial [cat food] diet,” explains Dr. Heinze, adding that it should be treated more like a very occasional high-calorie treat than an everyday food.


Photo credit: <a href=””>stratman² (2 many pix!)</a> / <a href=””>Foter</a> / <a href=””>CC BY-NC-ND</a>

The best liquid for your cat is water.  Be sure to have plenty of fresh water around for your cat to drink.   Always consult with your vet as to his or her recommendations for your cat’s diet and overall health.

Check Out the 2015 Chicago Internet Cat Video Festival

Cats are back for a third consecutive year!

The Chicago Cat Rescue and Tree House Humane Society are bringing Walker Art Center’s (MN) wildly popular Internet Cat Video Festival back to Chicago with a 75 minute film featuring the best cat videos on the internet.

This year’s all-new film is curated by Will Braden, the creator of the Henri Le Chat Noir videos and recipient of the festival’s first Golden Kitty (People’s Choice) Award.

Festival attendees will have the opportunity to find their forever friend – adoptable cats and kittens from Chicago Cat Rescue and Tree House Humane Society, socialize with Alana and Kris, hosts of the CATastrophes Web Series, and meet festival hosts Mike Bridavsky and his special needs celebrity cat, Lil Bub, who stars in Lil Bub & Friendz, a documentary, and Lil Bub’s Big Show on Animal Planet.

Click here to purchase tickets.

Go to for show times and information.

Garfield Helps Find Cats Forever Homes Through the Shelter Pet Project

Pet adoption has increased since 2009, despite adverse economic conditions. Currently, 29% of dogs and 33% of cats are adopted from shelters and rescue groups each year, while the number of healthy and treatable pets losing their lives for lack of a home is now 2.7 million. Watch as our friend Garfield talks about the Shelter Pet Project


Bringing that number all the way to zero is the goal of “The Shelter Pet Project,” a national advertising campaign which aims to encourage millions of pet lovers to make shelters the first choice and desired way for acquiring companion animals.

Nitama the Cat Replaces is New Station Master at Kishi Station

Nitama a.k.a. Tama II is Tama’s new successor.  Tama, who presided over Japan’s Kishi station for eight years, passed away at the age of 16 this past June. Tama was credited for saving the Wakayama Electric Company from financial ruin. After a period of mourning, the time had come for the railway’s president Mitsunobu Kojima to announce her successor.

Nitama learned from Tama and was the receptionist with the Okayama Electric Tramway and filled in for Tama at Kishi Station.  A calico, just like Tama, graduated from the “Training school for Cat Stationmaster.”  According to Kojima,  “the main requirements for the role are the ability to “feel comfortable with people at the workplace” and a willingness to wear a hat.”


Photo: Simon Wong Twitter

We think Tama looks cute in the hat! Welcome to Tama!