Cat Silhouette Clothing A Purrfect Addition to Your Wardrobe this Season

We couldn’t resist! A bit of feline fashion today!

Cat silhouette clothing is a popular print this season due to its sophisticated, elegant look that is fun-loving and playful at the same time. Whether this Cameo Whit Fancy Fest print comes in a scarf, wallet, dress or tunic it will sure add a touch of class to any ensemble.

Lily Pulitzer always has such great prints and this is no exception!

So, Check out Lily Pulitzer’s site for black cat fashion! This print is a must-add to your wardrobe this season!

Black Cat Trivia:  Black cats were maligned because of their alleged association with evil and witchcraft. However, in many cultures black cats are considered a sign of prosperity and good fortune.

Photo: Larry Johnson
Who can resist this face?

This black cat Breed is a Bombay. GC, BW, NW Caricature’s Colin Powell, CFA’s 2004 Cat of the Year