CFA Holds Largest Cat Show in North America!

Do you live in or near Columbus, OH? Come on over to the CFA/Royal Canin World Championship Cat Show at the Columbus Convention Center on November 17-18, 2012!

You will see cats, cats and more cats at the largest show in North America.

20 rings of judging, educational seminars, feline agility competition, breed booths where you can see the cats up close, Ambassdador Pet Me Cats where you can touch and interact with the cats, Garfield appearances and more!

 Fun for the whole family!

Taylor Swift’s Fashion is the Cat’s Meow

Taylor Swift is so cute!  She has worn a number of cat-themed items lately from a cat themed t-shirt to a polka dot sweater with a cat face in one of the polka dots and our favorite black cat skirt below.

We know cat fashion is all the rage this year as evidenced by the Lily Pulitzer Scarf we showed a few weeks back and Taylor is proving once again she is right in style.

We know Taylor adores cats, especially her cat Meredith, a Scottish Fold. Meredith even has her own followers on Twitter.  The Cat Fanciers’ Association Scottish Fold Breed Profile says, “Due to the rarity of the Fold, AND due to the fact that not every kitten born has folded ears, it is very hard for the supply to keep up with the demand.” We are glad to see that Taylor has found the purrfect feline companion.

Here is Taylor in a video with Meredith! So cute!

Feline Agility=Feline Fun!

What is feline agility?  Feline agility competition is one of CFA’s most popular programs.  Cats are trainable and can learn how to run through an agility ring and weave through poles, jump through hoops and over bars and  run through tunnels.

Take a look at Galinda, a Blue Point Himalayan as she works her “magic” on the agility course!

Take a look at which shows offer CFA Agility Competition!