Take a Look at Musician Eric Jack’s Maine Coon Cat Music Video

Check out this great music video about Maine Coon Cats from Eric Jack!

Eric Jack lives in Orangeville, Ontario, Canada. He has had a passion for playing music professionally for 40+ years and has had a passion for Maine Coon Cats for 10+ years.

We talked with Eric about his music video and what inspired him to write about Maine Coon Cats.  He said, “Although I have had success having music as a integral part of my life, I have never been able to own a Maine Coon Cat, due to family allergies. This void of not being able to own such a wonderful and loving cat (known by me from my experience of housesitting a friend’s couple of cats), inspired me a few years ago to write this song.” 

He has performed Maine Coon Cat with a personal introduction to many audiences and says that he always receives great results of smiles and laughter….

Eric adds, “I know one day a Maine Coon Cat is destined to be a part of my life, but my music will have to do for now.”

Best of luck to Eric with his song!