Denver Deals with Cat Declawing Head-on

Denver is to become the first city outside of California to ban the declawing of cats. The vote was unanimous during the legislation’s first reading. Declawing would be allowed only under specific medical reasons, such as a tumor or a malformed paw.

The maximum fine for violating the ban would be $999, with jail time possible.

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In 1996, CFA Board of Directors approved a guidance statement regarding the declawing of cats. It was revised in 2003.

In part, it reads:

CFA perceives the declawing of cats (onychectomy) and the severing of digital tendons (Tendonectomy) to elective surgical procedures that are without benefit to the cat. Because of the discomfort associated with the surgery and potential future behavioral or physical effects, CFA disapproves of routine declawing or tendonectomy surgery in lieu of alternative solutions to prevent household damages.

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The CFA urge cat fanciers to be alert to laws in your state and community and to become active.