Do You Have A Disaster Plan for Your Pets?

It happened again this past week.

A woman in the next county over lost several cats and dogs to fire in her kennel in her home. She lost everything in the fire. There will be no funeral, but the owner insists that there were 27 deaths that night.  A fund is being set up for her.


A morning show recently had pets who needed to be re-homed after Hurricane Sandy since their owners lost their homes or have not come to claim them.

Both stories break my heart. As responsible pet owners, we need to make sure that our fur kids are taken care of in case the unthinkable happens to us.

Keep in mind the following when making arrangements for your cats:

  • If authorities tell you to evacuate and take your pets. Take them! Since Hurricane Katrina, many shelters provide a place for you and your pets.
  • Emergency Notification Card can be placed with or attached to your driver’s license with an accounting of the animals you have at home.
  • Include contact names and phone numbers of people who should be notified in case something happens. Make sure your contact people know what to do and know where all of your medical records are along with your intentions in case you are not able to speak for yourself.
  • Have Pet Notification Stickers on the doors and windows of your house.
  • If possible, include the number of pets along with floor plan of with where the animals are.

Let’s face it. We don’t want to think about it, but we must think about it if we consider ourselves responsible pet owners.  We owe it to our our pets.