National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day

We are all used to making regular visits to the dentist, doctor and optician for our own health, but many cat owners forget to do the same for their feline family!

A routine annual visit can help identify problems with your furry friend early, and help keep them in tip-top shape.

Royal Canin has issued a special challenge today – pledge to take your cat to the vet, and they will donate a bowl of food to a shelter cat in need.   Simply visit their link below to take the pledge, as well as read some great articles.


Ozzie, a Cornish Rex Bonds with Disabled Navy Veteran

It was love at first site when Ozzie, a Cornish Rex, first saw disabled Navy veteran, Pedro Rodriguez.  Rodriguez and his mother were hoping to get a companion cat who would not affect Rodriguez’s asthma and went to a local CFA Cat Show to learn more about the various breeds.

The 51-year-old Navy veteran who is disabled due to a spinal cord injury suffered while serving at Naval Air Station Oceana in the 1980s, traveled to a show in Richmond, Virginia last year and met breeder Kathy Pritchard who invited them to come to her home to check out the kittens. The seven pound Ozzie immediately jumped up on Pedro’s shoulder and the rest is history.


Photo: Cindy Butler Focke

Cornish Rex are very loyal and friendly cats who are known for their unique, single layer of coat that lays in tight, soft-to-the-touch, even waves. Their bodies are all curves–large ears, egg-shaped head, arched back, high tucked-up waist and long, whippy tail. Affectionate, intelligent, energetic and inquisitive, Cornish Rex often act like kittens well into old age.

Kathy gave them Ozzie at no charge because she said the connection reminded her of her daughter, Kaitlyn. The 23-year-old with autism “shines through her cats,”